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GNight Fetcher Launches Stunning, Nature Inspired Urns For Dogs and Cats

Written by Elsa Mou


Posted on June 18 2024

[New York City, 6/20/2023] – Could you tell this is an urn? Up-and-coming startup unveiling unique, handmade pet urns as artistic tribute to fur babies

You may cringe when someone says “pet parents” and “fur babies”, but they may not be overrated terms. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 85 percent of dog-owners think of pets as family.

As the bond between pet parents and their furry companions continues to deepen, the demand for an urn that reflects the profound connection and love shared is rapidly growing.

Decor Grade Urns

In a world where “urn” and “decor” don’t often occur in the same sentence, GNight Fetcher's unique pieces emerge as works of art, celebrating the bond that transforms animals into family members.

These handmade urns can be admired at home, infusing any space with timeless beauty. When the memorial candle lights up, the urn radiates a space in memory of fur babies.

At the heart of these gorgeous pieces lies a captivating feature: delicate gold orchid flowers. The blossoms symbolize love and resilience, serving as a graceful reminder of the impact our pets have on our lives.

With paw prints or pet tags hanging from their stems, these golden blooms immortalize the indelible mark left on our hearts, forever commemorating the joyful moments and unconditional love we shared.

Founded by Elsa Mou, a passionate Taiwanese pet lover with an MBA from Wharton and a background in Venture Capital, GNight Fetcher is a promising startup driven by a deep understanding of the human-animal bond.

In an interview, Elsa shared that she hopes to offer grieving pet parents the beautiful memorial options that she did not find when she mourned the loss of her late Maltese, Coco.

GNight Fetcher's pet memorial products are now available for sale on their official website and Etsy, and expected to sell out fast. Shop link:

About GNight Fetcher

GNight Fetcher is a compassionate provider of pet memorial products, dedicated to honoring the lives of beloved pets. With a profound appreciation for the enduring bond between humans and animals, GNight Fetcher offers a diverse range of memorial products that capture the essence of love, joy, and shared experiences. To explore their remarkable collection and discover the perfect tribute for your cherished pet, please visit

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