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Find Your Fit

Written by Elsa Mou


Posted on June 25 2024

What urn size do I need for my dog or other pet?

Shopping for memorial products can be overwhelming. Is GNight Fetcher’s Orchid Urn a good fit for your dog, cat, or any other pet?

Answer the below questions to find out:

  • Does / did your loved one weigh under 50 lbs?
  • Are you OK if the urn does not fit all the ashes?
  • Do you plan to share ashes with others?
  • Do you plan to put ashes in other memorial products? E.g. necklace, burial cocoon, photo frame
  • What colors and urn designs resonate most with you, in general? Your opinion matters as we continue develop products :)
If your loved one weighed under 50 lbs, the Orchid Urn fits perfectly.

an onyx urn with gold lid placed against a wall above a shelf as a home decor

If they weighed more than 50 lbs:

  • If you will be sharing ashes or placing ashes in other memorial products, the Orchid is still a good fit.

  • If you require that 100% of the ashes fit in the same Orchid Urn, then the Orchid may be too small for loved ones over 50 Lbs.

If the Orchid Urn sounds like the right fit, place your order with us now.



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