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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your most pressing questions. Explore our FAQ to get quick and clear answers, and discover why GNight Fetcher is the trusted choice for honoring cherished memories. If there are questions we have not answered here, please contact us at - we would love to hear from you.

Common Questions

GNight Fetcher urns are designed to honor all loved ones, including both pets and humans. For human ashes, we specifically target baby/children use, given the smaller capacity compared to classic human urns. It's also an excellent option for adults looking to share the ashes among siblings or loved ones. Our urns are crafted to provide a meaningful and personal way to commemorate the memories of your loved ones.

We curate and product decorative and handmade urns, heartfelt affirmation cards, and elegant cremation jewelry to cherish the memories of your furry friends and human loved ones.

Are products are sourced, designed, and handmade in-house by talented artisans from around the world. Our design team is based in the US and we work with in-house grief counselors and other partners to create new products that help you grieve.


This keepsake urn holds ashes from 5-55 cubic inches. Customers would share, spread (baring legal restrictions) or keep some ashes in jewelry.

We offer a blank pendant for customization using a graver or at your local hardware store/crematory. You can also replace the default pendant with other jewelry options.

Lid is secured with a rubber ring to prevent easy falling and includes a satin bag that can house ashes. Permanently close the lid by using a super glue.

Yes, the urn can be personalized with engravings. The urn comes with a blank pendant that can be customized with engravings or swapped for other accessories.

The orchidurnsare hand-crafted with premium resin that has the look and feel of a ceramic or porcelain. The reason we prioritize premium resin out of all the othermaterialsis so that theurnis durable yet not too heavy to handle. The orchid flowers are topped with pewter for a shinier finish.

Oururnis not just functional but timelessly beautiful as a home decor. You are welcome to place it in the place of your liking as long as itmakesyou feel good. Oururnsare designed to look discreet so you can confidently display them without intimidating visitors.

All of our round orchidurnsare 5.75 inches x 5.75 inches x 5.75 inches. They can be handheld and easily fit on shelves, tables, or memorial stands, perfect for in-home decor, funeral display, or burial.

Besides putting ashes in it, you canusetheurnto keep special things like old toys, jewelry, a lock of hair, small photos or even a piece of their clothing. These items help keep their memories close.

We offer our classic OrchidUrnin one handheld size measuring 5.75x5.75x5.75 inches, which accommodates loved ones with body weight up to 55~65 lbs. This size allows the inclusion of additional keepsakes such as photos, accessories, toys or other mementos you may wish to keep alongside your loved one’s ashes.

Oururnis designed to accommodate ashes for individuals up to 55 lbs and is perfect for sharing. It's well-suited for siblings or family members who plan to share the ashes of their mom, creating a bond that lasts beyond physical presence. This way, each sibling can have a meaningful keepsake, celebrating the cherished memories of their mom together.

No, we will send you a blank pendant, and you can choose to have it customized byusinga graver or at your local hardware store/crematory.

Affirmation cards

Affirmations encourage reflection, confidence, and positivity. In grief, they validate feelings and aid healing.

Each day, draw a card until you find one that speaks to you. Decorate your space or place it on your desk for daily support. Write a note on the card's blank space or take it with you on a walk.

Whether you are buying for yourself, for a grieving friend or a therapy client, this is a perfect compilation of affirmations that supports you through grief.

Affirmations are phrases that validate and comfort you. Our affirmationcardshave 51cardsthat are designed to soothe those in grief. We invite you to choose anycardsor phrases that resonate with you as you look through thecards. We also invite you to doodle or write notes on the back of thecardas you wish. Many of our customers choose to buy thiscardnot only for themselves but as a sympathy gift when they don't know what to say. Every grieving journey is unique and we respect however you wish to use thesecards.

Our affirmation cards for grief are 4 inches x 4 inches x 4 inches in dimension. They can be handheld and easily fit in a wallet, pocket, or purse. They are perfect as a home decor or desk reminder.

Yes, sympathy cards can be a meaningful gesture in acknowledging someone's grief and offering support during a difficult time. While they may not directly help someone overcome grief, they can provide comfort and reassurance. Additionally, the act of sending a grief gift can also be therapeutic for the sender, as it allows them to express condolences and offer support in a tangible way. Receiving pet sympathycardsor pet bereavementcardslet grieving individuals know that others are thinking of them and empathize with their pain, which can be emotionally comforting.

Yes, we offer our bereavement cards as a heartfelt option for commemorating National Pet Day with a memorial gift. These condolence cards are crafted to provide solace and support to those navigating the difficult journey of pet loss. They serve as a tangible expression of empathy and understanding during a time of grief, offering words of comfort and sympathy. By choosing our affirmation cards, you're not only honoring the special bond between humans and their pets but also extending a compassionate gesture to someone who may be deeply mourning the loss of their furry friend.

Cremation jewelry

Yes, our necklaces are crafted with quality stainless steel resistance to corrosion and hypoallergenic. We recommend avoiding getting necklace wet and removing at night.

Our necklaces come with a funnel and needle to pack ashes in. Transfer a small dash of ashes, old perfume or a strand of hair.

You are welcome to bring the necklace to a jewelry store for engraving.

Since our pendant is small, a specialized engraver may be needed.

Our jewelry is very dainty. Our pendant measures L 13 x W 6 x H 12 millimeters. The chain is adjustable up to 16-18 inches. Capacity is 0.427 cubic inches of ashes - equivalent to one small dash.

We specialize in dainty, delicate, and small cremation jewelry that doesn’t look like urns. Our urn necklace for ashes is smaller than a US dime. It can hold or store a dash of ash. This ensures that you can carry a cherished fragment of your loved one's life with you wherever you go. Whether you choose to preserve ashes or simply keep their memory close, our urn necklace for women offers a touching way to honor their legacy.

As an Amazon seller, we do not offer engraving services. However, you can personalize your urn necklace for ashes by taking it to a local engraving store or using an engraving tool at home. This allows you to customize yourcremationjewelry according to your own preferences.

Yes, This cremation jewelry for ashes is the perfect gift for adults, as well as little girls. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. With this ash necklace for women, they can securely cherish the memories of their loved ones, and take them wherever they go. The necklace ashes for loved ones offer a discreet yet profound way to honor and remember their loved ones. It's not just an accessory; it's a symbol of love and remembrance.

Not if it is handled very gently - our cremation jewelry is delicate and discreet, featuring a 1.2mm ultra-thin link made from quality stainless steel. While it provides an elegant appearance, its thinness requires gentle handling to avoid potential breakage. We recommend handling the urn necklace for ashes with care and avoiding excessive pulling or tugging, which could stress the chain. Also, please remove it before showering and going to bed. Despite its fine design, with proper care, it will securely hold your precious keepsake close to your heart.