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Testimonials - Hear from hundreds of satisfied Customers

small urns for ashes for adults

Katie S.

My boyfriend bought the orchid urn for me. It sits perfectly on my living room shelf and is such a lovely way to remember my Finley. Thank you for creating a beautiful keepsake.

handmade urns for human ashes

Anika P.

Your products are so gorgeous and thoughtfully designed. I found it hard to choose among so many pretty options. I admire the white & gold Orchid Urn I chose everyday and feel grateful my angel is close by.

handmade urns for human ashes

Lindsey B.

When the candle is on, the butterflies light up the room so wonderfully. Couldn’t have found a better way to honor my baby.

Decorative cremation necklace for ashes

Tracie T.

I've been looking for a home for my baby dog and was so happy when I saw this. Your designs are so unique and it's been a pleasure working with you! I am very happy with this choice.

sympathy note for loss of dog

Gabriella Meghan

I'm in tears writing this review, but the tears are coming from a place of love and gratitude. I am so grateful for GNight Fetcher for creating a genuinely beautiful resting place for my late kitty Carter. There is no bond like that of a human and their fur baby. GNight Fetcher creates luxury urns for both pet and human use alike. I had been in contact with their staff and they are also caring individuals that can answer your questions with compassion and understanding. I am happy that I can give him a beautiful final resting place on my alter 🤍



These cards a so pretty. They are well made and have a great message. Anyone grieving should definitely get these cards. It helps to process and be more present to move through it. They come in a nice storage box

urn for ashes for women necklace jewelry for ashes

Jonathan Willbanks

Saying goodbye to my dog was one of the hardest days of my life. He was my best friend through difficult and fomative years, and slept next to me every night for more than a decade. When the time came I chose to cremate him, but was underwhelmed with pet urn options available. Everything was either a cheap plain box, or overpriced tacky fare that I wouldn't feel good displaying in my home. So in lieu of a better option, his ashes sat in a plain wooden box on my bookshelf for almost a year. That's why I was so excited when I saw G'Night Fetcher's urns. For the first time, here was something gorgeous, modern, AND reasonably priced. This was the first pet urn that matched the aesthetic of my modern home, and one I could be proud displaying on the mantle. When the urn arrived, I was not disappointed. The build quality and craftsmanship is exceptionally good, and the memorial tea candle is such a lovely touch. This urn looks stunning in person, giving my best friend's remains an appropriate place of honor in my home while complimenting and blending with our interior design. Multiple friends have noticed and complimented it. I'm so glad this brand and product exists. If you want to commemorate your pet's ashes, skip the tacky crematorium brochure and jump straight to G'Night Fetcher.

gnight fetcher

Ally Gao

I searched forever for an urn for my Ashley and couldn’t find anything that didn’t look tacky or scream death. A family friend told me about GNight Fetcher and I loved the products they showed on Instagram. I was debating between the cremation jewelry and this orchid urn and eventually picked this one because it would make a lovely decor for my new apartment. The product looks as advertised and came in a pretty gift box. I love that it comes with a candle I can light when I think of Ash. The empty pendant was a nice touch but I swapped out for Ash’s existing harness tag. I am very happy with this purchase.


This product is so pretty and unique. It was difficult to find a vase to put the ashes of my little one because they’d make me sad… This one on the other hand makes me feel different as I can light up a candle and honor my doggie while I imagine she is in a beautiful place surrounded by flowers and light.

small urns for ashes and urns for human

Andrea Castillo

I lost my mother unexpectedly earlier this year and these cards are so beautiful to have as I continue to navigate my grief journey. I rely on Jesus and my faith to get me through this difficult moment, but having other encouraging words has been so helpful during this time 🙏🏼 the quality of the cards are excellent. The cards are a thicker card stock and has a type of gloss so these cards will last a very long time. The box is a lovely touch and will help keep the cards in beautiful quality. Highly recommended.

small urns for ashes and urns for human

Mark Messmore

This pack of healing cards is good for the grief-stricken. It definitely touches on the thoughts and memories that one has when a loved one leaves too soon. It also applies to loss of those who we may know will be going but we are not yet able to grasp their absence.

Decorative cremation necklace for_ashes

Sarahbeth D.

My friend’s dog is not doing well, and I bought these with the intention of giving them to her. After receiving them, I’ve questioned my initial intention. I don’t know if these would be helpful or would just stir up painful emotions whenever she looks at them. I think, based on the receiver, these could be amazing. I’m writing my review on the product and not on if they would be helpful or not, because that will change from person to person. The cards are thick and of good quality. The printing is beautiful. The product itself is great. These would also be helpful with the death of any loved one and not just a pet. My grandmother isn’t doing well, and I think these would be more suited for my aunt after losing her mother than my friend after losing her dog.

modern urns for human ashes

Joanna H. Davis

Sometimes others don’t understand how much our pets mean to us. This makes a beautiful gift to show that you absolutely get it and support the person grieving the loss. Each card is thick enough to handle well and they all come with beautiful messages. I have not lost a pet recently, but a dear friend of mine has. I know she will find comfort in these!

Decorative cremation necklace for ashes

Barb Reinhold

These are very nice affirmation cards for anyone who is grieving the loss of a beloved pet or a human. They are beautifully illustrated and printed on heavy card stock. I was disappointed that the cards aren’t specific to the loss of a pet but are more generic. Still, whoever wrote/chose the affirmations on the cards did an excellent job. The affirmations are simple but also wise and comforting.

Decorative cremation necklace for_ashes


Losing a pet is so incredibly hard. So sweet and its great to feel seen and heard while working through the grief. Much condolences to everyone facing this heartbreak and I hope these cards also bring you some peace and comfort.

Small urn for ashes


I got this to help me through my grieving process of losing my beloved fur baby. These are nice reminders/affirmations.

necklaces for pet ashes

Chondra Harris

This urn is such a stunning statement when honoring your furbaby that has passed on. I love the multifunctional element of the unit- being able to use the orchids on top for jewelry, dog tags, charms, etc. The packaging and reading inserts were top notch as well. So happy and grateful I was able to give my baby’s remains such a classy and beautiful resting place.

handmade urns for human ashes

Michelle Turri

I moved away, and my parents just lost one of our beloved cats. So, I was looking for a way to keep our pet's memory alive, and I came across this beautiful urn. I just received it, and I believe it is just right in terms of design, size, and color, which makes it a great fit for any type of decor you may have in your home.

beautiful urns for women

Lydia Araujo

This is so perfect for my forever angel. It’s beautiful. I love that it has a spot for a candle too.

small urns for ashes for adults

Audra Mattson

The product is gorgeous! Seriously, it looks like a piece of art. What a great way to honor your fur baby.

necklace for human ashes

Logan Gentry

I am so thankful to have found this beautiful memorial piece for our dog, Fitz. It is the perfect way to remember him and looks great on our built ins. What a special idea from a great company. Definitely recommend!!

personalized pet urn necklace

Chloe P

My pets will and always have been very deep in my heart. I have lots 3 of my fur babies in the last 4 years- one being a little while after I moved abroad which broke my heart because she was my twin flame. I have gone through loss, grief, heartache and feelings of longing for my beloved pets who still reside back in my home country. This piece has brought me such warmth and connection to my past and present babies. Seeing it on my nightstand and knowing what it represents makes me feel as if they are with me in my new home, guarding over me. The three orchids on the lid to me signify my 3 rainbow bridge loves and their beauty is emulated by the flowers and gold. This piece has brought me much solace in a short amount of time. I am so thankful to have this memorial piece in my home.

pet cremation necklace

Crystal Schulte

This urn is high quality and beautiful. It's the perfect size and looks amazing on our mantle. I love the candle and the engravable pendant. I am so happy with this product!

pet urns for cremation

Brittney Kosack

This urn is stunning. The eggshell matte white finish and gold accented lid make this piece fit in in almost any display. If you are looking for an urn to cherish your loved one, this is it. Look no further!

modern urns for human ashes

Tia Evans

My 14yr old Mastiff, EMMA, left this earth a few years ago and she's been resting Ina flower cardboard box. The goodnight fetcher urn is all ceramic with a metal top. It's heavy and sturdy. It's velvety soft to the touch which I felt makes this super sweet. That silk bag and the charm included is a nice touch. I'm going to take it ans have it engraved, which I will do another review on later. The site is small to medium. I'll have to shift around Emma's casing to make her fit but there should be plenty of room for any pet smaller than 80lbs before rest. I also LOVED the notes and the candle that comes with it. I would have had to go out and buy one so thank uou for including that for us. Overall this is a perfect urn ⚱️. I did not find any inconsistencies.

baby urns for ashes

Dane Drebin

These burns are top notch! Exceptional service and quality urn from Gnight Fetcher. Their attention to detail and compassionate customer support made a difficult time easier. Highly recommend their urns for a dignified tribute to your loved one.

modern urns for human ashes


I really liked the quality of the material, it isn't super flimsy and fake feeling. I haven't worn it long enough to tell the long term durability, but it seems sturdy and long lasting compared to other "cheap" jewelry I've had in the past.

small urns for human ashes

Courtney McKechnie

I got this for my sister who recently lost her dog and I’m so happy I did. It’s super cute and comes in a variety of colors. The instructions to add the ashes are super simple. And I love supporting a female run business

modern urns for human ashes

Ollie Barq

Beautiful necklace. As described and was pleasantly surprised that it was actually more beautiful in person. Very special and will be so treasured to our family!

urn boxes for ashes

Annie Inman

My fur baby crossed the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago. I have been looking into a cremation wearable keepsake to have him with me no matter where I go. I found this most adorable rainbow necklace from Gnight Fetcher. When I first took it out of its box I was amazed on how great the quality of the charm and chain were. It comes with a funnel and tool to easily add my doggo’s remains. The chain is the right length and the rainbow is a subtle but cute detail worn by itself or even when layering jewelry. I’m more at ease knowing my sweet Bowie boy is with me always.



And could just be used for memory items like rings, jewelry, a lock of air. Placed on a table by your easy chair, only you need to know why it is there. A comforting candle glows while you remember a loved one.


Laura J

Got this as a gift for a friend who lost her beloved pet and it is simply gorgeous. She is very happy with it, which makes me happy!



These cards are beautiful. Great, gentle reminders that it is okay to grieve. This would make a great gift to yourself, or anyone else during hard times.